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Maleficent by Dragon-of-DC Maleficent :icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 1 0 Spirit by Dragon-of-DC Spirit :icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 14 5
Star Trek: Voyager Warrior Cats | Revamped
Captain Janeway: Light brown molly with darker marks above her eyes; brown eyes. Name: Tawnystar (formerly Tawnyheart)
Chakotay: Brown tabby tom with white paws. Deputy. Was the leader of a band of rogues before joining Tawnystar's group. Name: Falconwind

Tuvok: Dark brown tabby tom. Tawnystar's advisor and senior warrior of the Clan. Name: Elmcloud

Doctor: Black tom. Medicine Cat. Name: Rookwhisker
B’Elanna: golden tabby molly; brown eyes. Name: Leopardclaw

Tom: Brown and white tabby tom. Name: Dustfang

Icheb: Black tom. Name: Swiftpaw (later Swiftheart; Mentor: Seven)

Seven: cream-colored molly; blue eyes. She was offered the chance to take a warrior name, but declined, preferring to keep the one the Borg had given her. Tawnystar would have called her Ravencloud. Name: n/a

One: Pale gray tom. Took a Clan na
:icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 0 0
One With, One Without by Dragon-of-DC One With, One Without :icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 1 2 Isabel Stamp by Dragon-of-DC Isabel Stamp :icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 2 0 Space Cats by Dragon-of-DC Space Cats :icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 0 0
Prometheus is more aware of his namesake than most give him credit for. He knows the story of his namesake, the thief of fire, and the punishment that awaited him for it. He has this in the back of his mind more than he realizes. More than anyone realizes, actually. It's not something he thinks about consciously, but it still rings in his head.
It's all he can think about when Jean walks into the kitchen. There's something about her that bothers him, something he can't put his paw on. It's his Jean, he knows that just by looking at her, but on the inside, it's something more than that. She has fire inside her that shouldn't be there. It's angry and Prometheus wants nothing to do with it.
He hisses at her when she comes to close. He hears her voice, it's definitely his Jean, but she's bringing a monster too close to him. He doesn't want to live up to his namesake. He doesn't want to steal the fire Jean has; he doesn't even want it anywhere near him. He turns and jumps through the window
:icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 0 0
Jacksepticeye by Dragon-of-DC Jacksepticeye :icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 3 0
Fever: 15: Day 28 (End)
15: Discharge (Day 28)
Why did you keep me an extra day, Doctor?
Just a precaution, Sir Hellsing.
Of course. Does Landon know I'm being discharged?
Not exactly. Mr. Dornez does, though.
What do you mean "not exactly?"
Landon's been here since last night. He fell asleep in the waiting room and he's been sleeping there ever since.
Why didn't you let me see him?
Well, I figured you would want to surprise him. He's been in the dark for so long, and he's been so worried.
You figured correctly, Doctor. Though I will admit, I've been hinting to him that I'm getting better.
Has he figured it out?
He's ready for me to come home soon, he just doesn't know when. What's that?
Mr. Dornez sent it over for you. He said you might feel a little more comfortable wearing your suit home.
Oh, dear Walter. Bless his soul.
I'll leave you to get dressed. Call me when you're ready.
Thank you, Doctor.
There's Landon.
Ha ha, still asleep in the waiting room. Yes, that
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Fever: 14: Day 27
14: Day 27
Good afternoon, Sir Hellsing.
And to you, too, Doctor. I’m surprised. You didn’t come see me this morning.
Yes, well, I got hung up by the lab again.
My results are in then, yes?
Yes, they are.
I suppose something along the lines of congratulations is in order. You’re Ebola-free, Sir Hellsing.
:icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 0 0
Fever: 13: Day 26
13: Day 26
That had better have been the last blood sample you’ll draw from me, Doctor.
I can’t promise anything, Sir Hellsing, but I can only hope that it will be.
I could swear I feel lightheaded after every draw.
I would expect that. You’ve lost enough blood as it is already.
And I’d like to keep what I have left. When will these results come back?
Tomorrow, as usual.
Of course. Well, I won’t keep you then, Doctor. I’d like to find out if I’m clear as soon as possible.
As would I, Sir Hellsing. As would I.
:icondragon-of-dc:Dragon-of-DC 0 0
Fever: 12: Day 23
12: Day 23
Are you still frustrated, Integra?
Is there anything I can do to help you?
Not unless you can get rid of my Ebola.
(Sigh) I wish I could, sis.
Why hasn’t Alucard come to see me?
Huh! You’ve been bleeding internally, why do you think?
Who? Me or him?
I hate to see you like this, Integra.
Then don’t see me.
I’m sorry, Landon, I don’t mean it.
I know. You’re getting stir-crazy.
I want to go home.
Soon enough.
That’s what they keep telling me.
Your bed’s all ready for you when you come home. Walter and I washed the sheets and put them back on. And I told Alucard not to bother you when you get back.
And Seras?
She has a little something for you.
What is it?
Ah-ah-ah. You’ll have to find out when you get home.
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Fever: 11: Day 19
11: Day 19
Doctor, I’m beginning to get frustrated. I’ve been here for almost three weeks now. When will I be cleared?
Soon enough, Sir Hellsing. I’m sorry we’ve kept you this long, but it’s been for your own good.
Bloody hell it’s for my own good!
If it makes you feel any better, the blood sample I sent in came back nearly cleared. You should be Ebola-free in another few days.
A week, more like!
I know you’re anxious to get home, but we have to make sure you’re not at risk of passing this on to anyone else. I know it sounds selfish, but this disease is extremely serious.
Oh, no, I understand that. But I’m tired, Doctor.
How have you been sleeping?
Quite well, but that isn’t why I’m tired.
What are you tired of then?
This! I’m tired of being in this room! I’m tired of this rubbish you keep making me drink! I’m tired of this damned disease! I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!
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Fever: 10: Day 13
10: Day 15
Hey, sis, the doc says you’re doing great!
Did he?
Well, not exactly like that, but you get the idea. What did the test results say?
They said I’m going to send this disease to the depths of hell sooner or later.
I’m still hoping sooner.
Aren’t we all? How’s Walter?
He’s worried about you. I know, he hasn’t been back here to see you. I think he’s afraid of what he’s going to find.
(Sigh) I don’t blame him. You don’t seem to be afraid.
I’m terrified every time I come back here. I don’t know the first thing about Ebola, except what they’re saying on TV. It scares me to think about what it might be like for the people who have it—like you. It’s a hemorrhagic fever, and the conclusion everything has led me to is that it shuts all your organs down and basically turns your insides to soup and blood starts coming out of anywhere and everywhere and—
I can
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Remember Me
Laura kneels down, tears streaming from her eyes. There she was, Carmilla, her beautiful black filly, shattered and bleeding on a thick sheet in the middle of a recovery room in the back of the veterinarian’s office. The filly’s left leg is shattered now, too, smashed to bits by the cast that had been so carefully wound around her first broken leg, the one shattered in the match race.
Carmilla had spun circles on the floor, running, running, running, trying to beat a horse that wasn’t there. She had fought, kicking, screaming, noises coming from her throat that should never have come from her throat. Tables were knocked over. Glass was broken. Needles were scattered everywhere. Blood was smeared across the floor. Bone fragments clung to the sheet.
Carmilla’s eyes are wide, her sides heave. She twitches her mangled forelegs feebly, fully out of the anesthesia, and now wondering what had happened that had brought her to that state. She doesn’t understand wha
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Fever: 9: Day 13
9: Day 13
Doctor, when will Landon find out about my recovery? He still believes I’m on the brink.
(Sigh) I thought you might ask that. I didn’t want to tell him until you were fully recovered.
But you’ll tell him I’m doing well?
I haven’t told him anything different since you arrived.
But it doesn’t stop him from worrying.
No, I never thought it would. It’s natural for him to worry about you. He doesn’t completely understand what’s going on, although honestly, no one really does.
I certainly don’t. I told him he was to lead Hellsing when I was gone.
But I’m sure that’s always been on your mind, hasn’t it?
How much do you know about our organization?
Nothing, other than you lead it.
Then to answer your question, yes. I’ve thought about Landon’s leadership more than he’ll ever know. He’s the only one I ever want sitting in my chair after I’ve gone. I’ve imag
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Fantastic wolf artist TheOutli3R is holding an art raffle!

Prizes are as follows! (directly from her journal :3)
The grand prize winner will get one free, double or single-panel comic featuring the characters and dialogue of their choosing. Examples can be found below.

Brat Pack. by TheOutli3R Breakfast of Champions. by TheOutli3R

The two runner-ups will each win one free, fully-shaded bust icon of the character of their choosing. They will be done in the style presented below, but will be fully shaded and polished like this.

DD2JJibVoAA2h8p by TheOutli3R DD2JJ zVwAA6NLE by TheOutli3R DD2JKaRUAAAlq1T by TheOutli3R


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I have five main characters: Dragon Russell, who proudly serves as my mascot, icon, and username; the Munroe siblings (Gray, Rag, and Austin), who are undergoing some serious revamping behind the scenes and are currently unused; and Flame, a Forerunner Companion Cat descendant in the Halo universe whose story can be found on under her name.

I've been drawing horses well since either kindergarten or preschool, felines since sixth grades and canines since seventh. My horses have come miles over the years, as have my felines. Nowadays, I'm not very active here as far as posting, but I still check in and you can still get in touch with me.

I'm planning on becoming a veterinarian in the future.

STAMP: Nerd by djRimzi Nerd Stamp by AnimeElf7 OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
'I am NOT a Furry' Stamp by Caffeine-Master animal artist, not furry by ohhperttylights I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk
I love Mustangs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Quarter Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love Arabians by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Przewalski's Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love American Paint Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love Mules by WishmasterAlchemist
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